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Black Mountain and Warren Wilson Route Changes ALERT

In an  effort to maintain transit service to Black Mountain, the City of Asheville has  applied, in partnership with Warren Wilson College, and be en awarded a Job Access and Reverse Commute  grant (JARC) that will cover operations to the Town of Black Mountain for two  years beginning on January 2011.
Route 170 will provide service  between Asheville and  Black  Mountain , including service to the unincorporated area  of Swannanoa and the town of  Black Mountain (including a Park-n-Ride).   This route will provide connections to jobs, services, schools, and  shopping.  This route will offer service four times per day to   Black  Mountain and additional trips to Warren  Wilson  College .  Service will be provided  Monday-Saturday, in the early morning and evenings.
Routes 28  and 29 will be combined in the new Route 170. The first day of service  for Route 170 will beMonday Jan. 3. The route will run from 6 a.m. to  10 p.m.   Route 170 will follow the same  path as route 29 and route 28 but service will be provided on a different  schedule (please go towww.ashevilletransit.comfor more  information). The last day of service for Route 28 & Route 29 is  Dec. 31.

The new  route has a reduced fare (same cost as all other  Asheville Transit routes) , increases number of bus stops, and a route  design that eliminates overlapping services.
1 )      Route  Changes:
a.       The number of bus stops has been  increased from 24 to 53.
b.       The overlapping services of Route  28 & 29 have been eliminated, the routing will follow the current Route 28  service (eliminating Route 29 service       on Swannanoa River Rd. and S Tunnel Rd.);  this route will travel on Tunnel Rd. continuing on US-70 to Black Mountain, with  Warren Wilson College service being provided via Warren Wilson  Rd.
c.       The new Route 170 will continue to  provide coordination with Mountain Mobility’s Black Mountain Trailblazer; For  more information go to: call (828)  258-0186
d.       Visit www.AshevilleTransit.comor see map  below for details
2 )      Schedule  Changes
a.       Due to  funding limitation the service to  Black  Mountain has been reduced from seven (7)  trips/day to four (4) trips/day.
b.       Warren Wilson  College will gain morning service for  students trying to attend classes.
c.       Later  service Monday – Thursday service along  Tunnel Rd. will be available for job  access. Access to Asheville Mall will  continue to be provided via stops at  White Pine Dr. east bound and  Buckstone Pl. west  bound.
d.       Visit www.AshevilleTransit.comor see  schedule below for details
Asheville Transit will be seeking  feedback on the route changes for the next few months.  The public is  encourage to call 253-5691 or e-mail
for questions, comment, or  suggestions
Visit printable route schedule and map information.

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