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Another Successful Swannanoa Sweep

Neary 80 bags of trash were collected during the spring Swannanoa Sweep

Thirty-three dedicated Swannanoans turned out on Saturday morning, April 2, to help clean up our community.  The   Swannanoa Sweep cleanup crews collected a mountain of trash, tires, and other debris from our roadsides and neighborhoods, including sections of US 70, Old US 70, Buckeye Cove, Davidson Road, Patton Cove Road and Grovemont.  It’s amazing how much 33 people can accomplish in just a few hours!  These volunteers deserve our thanks for giving up their Saturday morning to help improve the appearance of our community.  And a special thanks goes out to Otto and Luz Cristancho, who haven’t missed a single Sweep in 5 years!  The twice-annual Swannanoa Sweep community cleanups were started in 2007 by the Swannanoa Pride Community Coalition in response to a survey that identified roadside litter as one of the main concerns of the Swannanoa community.  For information about how you can help with future cleanup efforts in Swannanoa, please call Maureen Dillow at 686-8611 or AD Anderson at 686-3411.


Removal of Junk Vehicles

Is there an Eyesore Junk Vehicle in your Neighborhood?

It can be unsightly. It can be unwanted. It can also be dangerous. There’s a certain place a junked vehicle should be located. What determines whether or not a vehicle is considered junk?“The definition of a junk vehicle is one that does not display a North Carolina license plate, cannot be self-propelled in the manner in which it was originally intended to, or has been wrecked and dismantled,” Roger Presley, Environmental Control Officer for the Buncombe County Solid Waste Department said in a recent interview on BCTV.  Buncombe County Government is well aware of the problems junk vehicles can cause. On April 15, 1998, the Buncombe County Commissioners passed an ordinance that regulates abandoned and junked motor vehicles in Buncombe County. Listed below are the steps Buncombe County Government will take if a citizen reports a junk vehicle:

Step 1 – Go visit the property. If there is a violation, the property owner will be given 30 days to comply with the ordinance. 

Step 2 – If they do not comply within 30 days a citation will be written and issued. There will a $50 charge plus $50 per day for up to 20 days. 

Step 3 – At the end of 20 days if the property owner is still not in compliance then legal action will be taken. Junk vehicles will be taken to be crushed or to junk yards for recycling. Currently, over 3,000 vehicles have been recycled in Buncombe County. To report a junk vehicle in your neighborhood, call Roger Pressley at 250-5470.


Buncombe County News – Recycling

Buncombe County News

Ban on Certain Plastics Begins October 1, 2009

Starting October 1, 2009 plastic bottles will be banned from
the landfill in Buncombe County and all across North Carolina. Wood pallets,
oil filters, and oyster shells are also banned.  

The new law targets plastic bottles that have necks smaller than the body of
the container and a screw top, cap or other type of closure.

Frequently asked questions about preparing your recycling:

  • Do I have to rinse out the
    No, but it’s best to dump the liquid, and to rinse
    them if you can.
  • Do I have to remove the paper from the bottle or can?

    No, just place the bottle or can in the recycling.
  • Do I need to remove the lid? 
    Yes, because lids
    are violently propelled objects when plastics are bailed into cubes for sale
    to market.
  • Does the number or the recycling symbol on the bottle matter?

    Not really – just make sure the plastic bottle has a neck
    that is smaller than the base. If so, it’s recyclable.
  • Am I going to get a ticket if I don’t recycle a plastic bottle?

    No, individuals will not be inspected; however State solid
    waste inspectors will enforce the law during landfill inspections. Please
    recycle and  help the County avoid penalties and/or fines. 
  • Where can I recycle?
    If you’re a Buncombe County
    resident, you have access to curbside service with the local franchised waste
    hauler. The local waste hauler provides both garbage AND recycling service for
    Buncombe County residents. They pick up recycling in blue bags.

    Residents can fill their blue bags with plastic bottles along with
    other recyclables – aluminum cans, steel cans, mixed paper and glass — and
    put it out on the curb next to your garbage can. 

    If you don’t
    subscribe to a waste hauling service, you may use any of Buncombe County’s
    convenience centers to drop off your recycling. The convenience centers are

    • Behind Earth Fare at the Westgate Shopping Center on I-240
    • At the County Transfer Station off of Brevard Road
    • At the County Landfill off Riverside Drive in North Buncombe County
    • Curbside Management provides a drop center behind Asheville Pizza on
      Merrimon Avenue

The new law means businesses should subscribe to recycling service. There are
a number of businesses in the area who provide commercial recycling pickup
service. Call your local recycler or waste hauler to find out more.  Check
out the handout below for answers to more frequently asked


The residents of North Carolina throw away 12 million tons of
materials a year – that includes recyclable and non-recyclable
items. That’s enough garbage to fill up dumpsters stretching from Woodfin
to Wilmington every 47 days. North Carolina citizens throw away an
estimated 100 plastic drink bottles every second — so recyle! Reducing the
number of bottles going in the landfill will help preserve its

Most folks don’t realize the huge impact recycling has on the
economy. In NC, we throw away $41.4 million dollars worth
of plastic bottles every year. Did you know that the nation’s second
largest milk jug recycler, Envision Plastics, is right here in NC? Recycling
companies like Envision need all the plastic bottles we can give them – in fact,
they say they can’t get enough! The more bottles we recycle, the better it is
for those recycling businesses and for our environment. 

Recycling supports 14,000 jobs in this state – including jobs in
Buncombe County. That means every time you recycle, you support
a job.


Swannanoa Fall CleanUP

Saturday, October 10,
– 12:00
 Meet at the Ingles parking lot near Bank of America
       Vests, gloves and bags
will be provided.
If you have
questions please call Maureen Dillow at