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Construction to Begin this Spring on Habitat’s Swannanoa Community

Habitat for Humanity Build in SwannanoaInfrastructure work is now complete on Habitat for Humanity’s newest neighborhood-to-be in Swannanoa. Habitat will build 17 new houses starting this April on Dennis Street in the Beacon Mill area, on the site of the old Beacon ballfield. The first house, The Student Build House, is co-sponsored by Asheville Christian Academy and Christ School. The wall raising for the Student Build House is scheduled for Friday, April 5, at 3:30 p.m. The student bodies of both schools will meet at a nearby church and march to the jobsite with a police escort. The public is invited – let’s turn out in large numbers to show our support! Stay tuned for more details . . . .

Habitat’s Swannanoa Build represents the culmination of years of effort by Habitat staff and volunteers, who worked tirelessly to bring an affordable housing community to the Swannanoa Valley. Among those volunteers was Dave Bassett, a Swannanoa resident and Habitat Board member, who died of cancer before he could see his dream become a reality.

One of the houses in the Swannanoa Habitat community will be called “Dave’s House” in honor of Dave’s contributions and commitment to affordable housing in the Valley. Thanks to generous donations from Swannanoa residents who attended the annual community-wide holiday party hosted by Friends and Neighbors of Swannanoa in December, FANS was able to present a check to Habitat to help fund the cost of Dave’s House. FANS was honored to be able to make this contribution on behalf of the community.

Let’s give Habitat a warm welcome to Swannanoa! If you’d like to volunteer to help build a home in Habitat’s Swannanoa community, please click here. To donate, click here. And if you’d like to find out more about how you can qualify to become a Habitat homeowner, please click here. For more information, please call Habitat at 251-5702.