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First Home at Swannanoa’s New Habitat Community is Now Complete…

… Construction Continues on Many Others.

Asheville Habitat for Humanity HouseAsheville Area Habitat for Humanity’s construction site off Dennis Street in Swannanoa is humming with activity. A number of houses are underway, including the newly-begun Presbyterian/Methodist House. This is part of the

Circle of Faith, a cul-de-sac of homes built in partnership with, and in honor of, the local faith communities that have played a significant role in Habitat’s first 30 years of building homes.

The Swannanoa neighborhood’s first house, the Habitat Student Build (co-sponsored by Asheville Christian Academy and Christ School), is now complete. Tammy Haynie signed First house completed at Swannanoa Habitat community. her 0% interest mortgage just a few days after an October 4 key presentation following a soccer game between ACA and Christ School. It was the perfect way to culminate a project that brought together the two schools, rivals on the field, to work on the common goal of building a house for a family in need. Habitat is grateful for the students, faculty, and community volunteers who helped make affordable homeownership a reality for the Haynie family.

Speaking of volunteers… to show their appreciation, Habitat construction staff recently treated jobsite volunteers to a daily summer’s-end celebration, grilling hot dogs and veggie dogs for lunch and providing sweet treats. Stephanie Wallace, Construction Services Volunteer Coordinator said, “I wanted to celebrate the end of a happy, productive summer on the jobsite and also usher in what is sure to be an equally happy and productive autumn.”

Fall is a busy time on the Habitat jobsite for out-of-town volunteers. Many college groups are booked to spend their fall breaks working hard to build safe and decent homes in the Swannanoa community. Habitat is always looking for support to provide these groups with discounted lodging, meals, and fun activities to do in the evenings. If you, your congregation or your business would like to help host these wonderful volunteers, please contact

There are many opportunities for Swannanoa residents to show support for this project. If you’d like to volunteer to help build a home in Habitat’s Swannanoa community (no prior experience necessary), please click here. To donate or become a sponsor, click here. And if you’d like to find out more about how you can qualify to become a Habitat homeowner, please click here. For more information, please call Habitat at 251-5702.