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First Wall is Raised at the New Habitat Community in Swannanoa

Habitat for Humanity in Swannanoa, NCThe long-awaited Habitat for Humanity community in Swannanoa is one step closer to becoming a reality. On Friday afternoon, April 5, about 200 enthusiastic supporters, led by members of the Swannanoa Fire Department, marched to the construction site to watch students from Asheville Christian Academy and Christ School raise the wall on Swannanoa’s first Habitat home. Through a variety of student-organized fundraisers, the two schools raised over $36,000 to fund the project. Over the coming months, students from both schools will learn the ins and outs of new home construction as they build a house for first-time homeowner Tammy Haynie and her three children.

The Swannanoa Habitat community is taking shape on a parcel of land located off Dennis Street in Beacon Village, formerly the site of the old Beacon ball park (Nolan Field). By the time all the hammering and sawing is done, there will be 17 homes on the site. The Swannanoa build is the culmination of years of hard work by Habitat volunteers and staff dedicated to bringing more affordable housing options to the eastern part of the County.

There are many opportunities for Swannanoa residents to show support for this project. If you’d like to volunteer to help build a home in Habitat’s Swannanoa community, please click here. To donate or become a sponsor, click here. And if you’d like to find out more about how you can qualify to become a Habitat homeowner, please click here. For more information, please call Habitat at 251-5702.

A Warm Swannanoa Welcome to Habitat!