Important Meeting Tomorrow – Affordable Housing

Last night at the meeting of the Land Use
and Residential Development Task Force of Swannanoa Pride Community
Coalition a report was given on the $3,000,000 coming from the federal
government to The City of Asheville, and the counties of Buncombe, Madison,
Henderson and Transylvania for affordable housing.  For those that were not
at the meeting we feel it is important for all residents of Swannanoa to know
what is going on.  If your neighbors or friends in Swannanoa are not on our
email list please pass this information onto them.
We only learned of this fund a couple of
weeks ago and now understand that there are deadlines coming up very soon in
which to apply for grants from the fund.
Monies from the fund can be used for new
construction (for rent or home ownership), housing rehabilitation (rental or
owner-occupied), home-ownership assistance, rental assistance and program
administration.  Plus, the monies are to be used for those with low
incomes.  Many people within the valley would qualify for
Examples of that are:
Household Size
1 person  $28,450 income
2 people  $32,500 income
3 people  $36,600 income
4 people  $40,650 income
We apologize for this late notice,
but tomorrow there is a meeting for Grantwriting Training which we feel is
Date:     Thursday,
November 29th
Where:  Asheville City Hall – 6th
Floor Training Room
Time:     10:00 AM –
12:00 PM
If you should have questions regarding
this, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sharon Horne
Land Use & Residential Development Task
Swannanoa Pride Community

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