Owen Middle/High School

NC Outward Bound School Partners with Owen High

North Caroline Outward Bound SchoolThe North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS) is partnering with Owen High School to offer an adventurous and unique opportunity for local high school students. The comprehensive partnership includes a 2-day peer leadership program for incoming freshmen, a 1-week intensive wilderness course for 12 students (which took place over the summer), and a yearlong professional development program for teachers. The program is designed to enhance students’ non-cognitive skills, increase cultural competence and transform school culture.

Meg Turner, Principal at Owen High School, has stated, “I’ve personally witnessed our Owen participants have such positive experiences. I’ve seen our teachers and students gain self-confidence, refine leadership skills, and practice problem solving, both as a group and individually. They experience teamwork, embrace tenacity and develop compassion and empathy for others and the environment. What incredible skill sets to bring back into our school culture and community!”

NCOBS, an independent Outward Bound School established in 1967, is chartered by Outward Bound USA. Although students come from all over the country to attend Outward Bound’s outdoor adventure courses, the school’s home office is right here in the Swannanoa Valley on Riceville Road. Its mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery.

The partnership between NCOBS and Owen High is made possible through generous donations. Owen High School students and teachers participate in this program at no cost. Recently the North Carolina Outward Bound School received generous grants from The Black Mountain-Swannanoa Valley Endowment Fund, an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, and the Rolander Foundation. You can donate to this life-changing program online at or by contacting Carrie Myers at 239-2145 or email at