New VA Nursing Home Coming To Grovemont Neighborhood

Grovemont Neighbors of

the VA Nursing Home

President: Sophia Papadopoulos

VicePresident: Walter Moore

Treasurer: Cheryl Garvy

Secretary: Valerie Taylor


Adjacent to Grovemont off Woodland Drive

(Construction to start within next few weeks.)

It’s exciting that additional veteran services

and jobs are coming to our area, however…

…quality of Life for the residents of

Grovemont may change drastically.

Concerns and Questions:

Traffic Increase due to the entrance being on Woodland Dr.

Construction traffic on Grovemont>Northeast>Woodland and


Hazardous conditions for children and pedestrians walking to and from


River pollution from construction, grading, & installation of geo-thermal

wells, etc. will flow straight from the adjacent streams into the Swannanoa


Light pollution from the around the clock facility lighting

Noise pollution from construction, 150 – 170 employees rotating through 3

shifts around the clock, visitors, ambulances, and pick up/deliveries.

13.2 acres to be clear cut with the majority of the project facing Woodland

and its residents – What will this do to the wildlife?

Swannanoa 4-H camp losing 4 acres of woods, relocation of their

Cherokee Cabin, and the campers will now be exposed to the construction

instead of pristine woodland areas from which they learn.

If you are interested in learning more about this project and how it will may affect

the Grovemont Community, please contact:

Grovemont Neighbors of the VA Nursing Home at 337-2111

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