Removal of Junk Vehicles

Is there an Eyesore Junk Vehicle in your Neighborhood?

It can be unsightly. It can be unwanted. It can also be dangerous. There’s a certain place a junked vehicle should be located. What determines whether or not a vehicle is considered junk?“The definition of a junk vehicle is one that does not display a North Carolina license plate, cannot be self-propelled in the manner in which it was originally intended to, or has been wrecked and dismantled,” Roger Presley, Environmental Control Officer for the Buncombe County Solid Waste Department said in a recent interview on BCTV.  Buncombe County Government is well aware of the problems junk vehicles can cause. On April 15, 1998, the Buncombe County Commissioners passed an ordinance that regulates abandoned and junked motor vehicles in Buncombe County. Listed below are the steps Buncombe County Government will take if a citizen reports a junk vehicle:

Step 1 – Go visit the property. If there is a violation, the property owner will be given 30 days to comply with the ordinance. 

Step 2 – If they do not comply within 30 days a citation will be written and issued. There will a $50 charge plus $50 per day for up to 20 days. 

Step 3 – At the end of 20 days if the property owner is still not in compliance then legal action will be taken. Junk vehicles will be taken to be crushed or to junk yards for recycling. Currently, over 3,000 vehicles have been recycled in Buncombe County. To report a junk vehicle in your neighborhood, call Roger Pressley at 250-5470.

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