Results from FANS’ Festival Survey

At the Mill Around the Village Festival on September 17, 2011, FANS took an informal community survey. Folks visiting the FANS booth were asked to write answers to two questions on post-it notes. The notes were placed on a large display board so the answers could be shared with passers-by. Following are the questions and the responses we received:

  1. What events or activities would you like to see in Swannanoa?
  • Greenway – Bike and Walking Trails (x10) (specific suggestions included greenway along river and from Owen Middle to Owen Park)
  • Outdoor Movies (x5)
  • Community Potluck (x2)
  • Dog Park (x2)
  • Community Yard Sale (x2)
  • Another Taste of Swannanoa (x2)
  • Block Parties (x2)
  • Playground in Beacon Village (x2)
  • Community Picnic (x2)
  • More Outdoor Concerts (x2)
  • Community Get-Together Every Month (x2)
  • More Park Space (old Beacon Mill site)
  • More Restaurants (Golden Corral)
  • Bike Lane Along Roads
  • Community Homecoming Parade/Celebration for Owen High
  • Live Free Music
  • Story Tellin’ Events
  • Kids’ Events
  • Peace Parade – Encouraging Our Neighbors to

Bring Barking Dogs Inside

  • Senior Citizen Activities and Special Walking Trails
  • Local Musician’s Jam
  • Adult Sports Leagues
  • Movie Theater


  1. What or where is your favorite place in Swannanoa?
  • Eye Scream Parlour (x6)
  • Owen Park (x5)
  • Trails at Warren Wilson College (x5)
  • Swannanoa River (x4)
  • Grovemont Square/Park (x3)
  • Swannanoa Library (x2)
  • Black Mountain Chocolate (x2)
  • Bee Tree Neighborhood
  • ArtSpace Charter School
  • LEAF Festival
  • Burger King
  • Swimming Hole on the Swannanoa River
  • Ace Hardware
  • Warren Wilson College
  • Owen Park Ball Fields

Many thanks to all those who participated in the survey. There’s much to love about Swannanoa, and lots of great ideas for community events and activities. If you weren’t able to attend the festival and would like to answer the survey questions, please send us an email at And if you’re interested in joining with other Swannanoans to help turn some of these terrific ideas into reality, please send us an email at or call 828-581-9848. The community works when we work together!

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