SVM Heritage Round Table

The Swannanoa Valley Museum is hosting a heritage
rouund table program at the Swannanoa Visitors Center on December 13.  The
round table discussions are a great way to learn more about the fascinating
history of our Valley.  Please read on for further details.

Swannanoa Valley Museum

Heritage Round Table

Thursday, December 13, 6:30

Swannanoa Visitor
, Whitson
Ave. & U.S. 70, Swannanoa

$10 donation at the door


Hear Warren Wilson


Dr. David Moore


Moore will briefly describe the archaeology of the Swannanoa Valley, but will
concentrate on the Warren Wilson archaeological site that represents a series of
Native American settlements from as early as 4000 B.C. to as late as the 15th
century A.D.  He will discuss the site layout and artifacts and also
address the connection with historic period Cherokee Indians. 


addition, he will briefly discuss his current research at the Berry site in
Burke County, the location of a 16th century native American town called Joara
where, in 1567, the Spanish built Fort San Juan, the earliest European
settlement in the interior of what is now the United


call the museum for reservations, 828-669-9566, or email A $10 donation at the
door is requested.

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