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Swannanoa Community Garden Springs into its Second Growing Season

The Swannanoa Community Garden on Lanier Lane in the Grovemont neighborhood has been plowed for the new growing season. Plot markers are back in place. The water is running again after repairs to damage that occurred over the winter. Gardeners have begun planting and even harvesting early season crops.The Garden was established by volunteers on a site dedicated to this purpose by a local private property owner.  Community members can sign up for plots where they can grow food, herbs, and flowers for their own use, for donation, for sharing with friends and family, or to sell. Gardeners are young and old, experienced and novice, longtime locals and newcomers to our wonderful area. What they have in common is the enjoyment of fresh air, the outdoors, a little work, and a lot of tasty food!

Individuals, families, and groups may rent a plot (or more than just one), or may share a single plot and tend it cooperatively. The garden management doesn’t want expense to be a barrier to participation. Donated seeds and materials, shared tools and plots, and scholarships for plot rental are all available to help gardeners become involved. Also, don’t be intimidated by lack of experience. Other participants at the garden, county extension agents, and master gardeners can provide assistance and expertise.

Rental rates are from $18-25 for the season, depending on size and location within the garden, including water. All plots rent on a first-come first-served basis.  Ideal planting time is approaching, so if you’re thinking of gardening with us this year, please contact Bill Alexander at 669-1169 or Ian Jensen at 581-4064.

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