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Swannanoa Trivia – 3

Take this Swannanoa trivia quiz and find out if you’re a “Swannanoa Scholar” (see correct answer by placing mouse pointer immediately after or below the question).

  1. American frontiersman and folk hero Davy Crockett traveled to Swannanoa in 1815, where he met, and later married, a Swannanoa girl. What was her name? Elizabeth Patton
  2. What is the length, in miles, of the Swannanoa River? 22 miles
  3. Samuel Davidson was the first known European settler to cross the Blue Ridge Mountains and settle in the Swannanoa Valley. In what country was Samuel Davidson born? Ireland
  4. What author of best-selling crime novels graduated from Owen High School? Patricia Cornwell
  5. Beacon Blanket Manufacturing Company, located in Swannanoa, was once the largest blanket manufacturer in the world. What was the company’s trademarked advertising slogan? Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends