Swannanoa Trivia – 4

Take this Swannanoa trivia quiz and find out if you’re a “Swannanoa Scholar” (see correct answer by placing mouse pointer immediately after or below the question).

  1.  In September 2004, Swannanoa experienced two 100-year floods caused by torrential rains. What were the names of the two hurricanes that brought the rain? Frances and Ivan
  2. What is the only river in North Carolina that begins and ends in the same county? The Swannanoa River
  3. What was the name of the Beacon mill baseball team that played in the industrial league? The Beacon Blanketeers
  4. In 1924, E.W. Grove (of Grove Park Inn fame, among other things) began construction on a project that was billed as America’s first planned community. What was the name of the community? Grovemont-on-Swannanoa (now known as Grovemont)
  5. What is the most beautiful place in the world to live? Swannanoa!


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