Swannanoa Trivia – 8

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Q: Who was Swannanoa’s Grovemont community named for? The Grovemont community was named for E.W. Grove (1850 – 1927), who made a fortune from sales of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic, a quinine-based remedy for malaria and other ailments. Grove used his fortune to finance the construction of several landmark properties, including the Grove Park Inn and Grove Arcade in Asheville. Grove set his sights on Swannanoa in the early 1920s and began construction of Grovemont-on-Swannanoa in 1924. It was billed as America’s first planned community. Grove died before his dreams for the community were realized, but a number of his original Grovemont homes, with their trademark stone and stucco construction, still remain.


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