Swannanoa Trivia

Take this Swannanoa trivia quiz and find out if you’re a “Swannanoa Scholar” (see correct answer by placing mouse pointer immediately following the question).

1. Up until 1956, Swannanoa and Black Mountain each had their own high schools. What was the nickname of the sports team at Swannanoa High School? The Warriors

2. What Swannanoa Valley business was started by E.W. Grove to provide materials for construction of the Grove Park Inn? Grove Stone and Sand Company

3. What Super Bowl champion quarterback graduated from Owen High School? Brad Johnson Tampa Bay Buccaneers; 2003 Super Bowl Champions

4. What year did the Beacon Blanket Manufacturing Company, once the largest blanket manufacturer in the world, move its operations from New England to Swannanoa? 1925

5. What Swannanoa site was home to Moore General Hospital, a military hospital that housed German prisoners of war during World War II? Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women, formerly the Juvenile Evaluation Center

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