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The Votes Are In

Regardless of how you felt about the outcome of the general election, most of us breathed a sigh of relief that the robocalls and political ads were over, at least until the next election rolls around.

Now that the dust has settled and the votes have been tallied, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the results for the Swannanoa precincts.  On election day, 29.66% of registered voters cast a ballot at the Bee Tree Fire Department.  The turnout at the other precincts was a bit lower – 27.74% at W.D. Williams Elementary, 27.26% at First Baptist Church of Swannanoa, and 25.12% at Owen Middle School. Of course, this doesn’t include the many folks who voted early; our turnout percentages would be much higher if those votes were factored in.

In the presidential election, the Swannanoa precincts were split on election day.  The Romney/Ryan ticket carried the election at Owen Middle (256 votes to 198) and First Baptist (289 votes to 225).  The Obama/Biden ticket came out on top at W.D. Williams (467 votes to 296) and the Bee Tee Fire Department (266 votes to 168).   If the election day votes from all four Swannanoa precincts are combined, the Obama/Biden ticket was the winner by 147 votes (1156 votes to 1009).