2009 Swannanoa Community Survey


2009 Mill Around the Village Festival

Swannanoa Pride Community Coalition (SPCC) surveyed the community
during the Mill Around the Village Festival on October 3, 2009.  People
visiting or walking by the SPCC booth were given the opportunity to
respond to the following two questions:  “What do you like about
Swannanoa?” and “What would you like to see changed or improved?” 
Responses were written on post-it notes that were displayed on a large
easel board during the festival.
  Some people wrote “ditto” on a previously posted response, to indicate their agreement.  Following are the survey responses:

Question 1:  What do you like about Swannanoa?

Small town feeling

Keep Swannanoa as is as long as possible!

People & places & views


It’s a nice place – I love the views of Mt. Mitchell

The natural beauty!  GORGEOUS!

The HISTORY (5th grader)

Gorgeous mountains; the square in Grovemont

Small town atmosphere; periodic cleanup of roadsides; Beacon community

Scenic views, mountains, trees – nice neighborhood; not crowded yet

Love the mountains, love the people, love the peace (ditto)

The river and mountains

I like the projects I get to do in school (4th grader)

Small town feel (ditto)

The mountains – don’t destroy them!

Not over-developed (two dittos)

W.D. Williams Elementary – Oh yeah!

Not a lot of people

This festival! (3 times)

Small town (ditto)

Not incorporated

Neighbors and community feeling

Great people

Groovin’ on Grovemont [summer concert series in Grovemont Square]

Small town atmosphere; nice people; beauty

Our beautiful mountains; the Swannanoa River

River trails

Love the small town atmosphere!

I love everything – people


Quiet town (ditto); small town feel; friendly people

Small community with friendly people who remember the heritage of Western NC (ditto)

My mountain land and neighbors

Great neighbors

It’s not Black Mountain

Me & Robert at home with a toilet, shower, and hot and cold water

Community feeling; small town with rural spots; community gatherings that aren’t too commercial; funky downtown; the river!

Great mountains

The mix of neanderthal and cro magnon

Great place (ditto)

Everything – it wouldn’t be Swannanoa without everything

The mountains (ditto)

Small town “feel”; mountain views

Our history – American Indians, early settlers, Beacon mill

Owen Park

River and open spaces (ditto)

The people and beauty

Question 2:  What would you like to see changed or improved?

Protect our mountains

Clean up along the Swannanoa River; better police protection (it takes 20 minutes for police to respond)

Walking trails; more sidewalks

incorporated, please paint war memorial [at Swannanoa Fire Station]
with flat black background with gold letters [so it can be read more

Need more clubs – Lions, etc.

More people at festival

No development

Welcome to Swannanoa sign; landscaping; trees on side of roads

Incorporation and our own Police Dept


Walking paths

No golf course; trash pickup

Lowes – what else?

Dedicated police/sheriff

A downtown park

No golf course (3 times)

No more developments

Stop mountainside developments and shoot Tiger Woods golf course down

More local focus; no big business

Clean up the river

Road maintenance!!

Urgent care center (4 dittos)

Bus shelters

Incorporation (2 times)

Trash pick-up please

Bike trails/lanes (2 dittos)

Walking trails

More parks and playgrounds

More restaurants; no trees cut

More shops, things to do

Ace Hardware

Stop cutting trees on the mountain; more restaurants; NO for incorporation

Quit raping our mountains

Quit cutting down the trees

More parks

More good restaurants; a real deli

Less development on steep slopes and mountaintops

Cut ditches on roadsides to prevent flooding in summer and icing of the roads in winter

Restaurants with outdoor seating

Incorporation!  Incorporation!  Incorporation!!

More development

We need more places to eat

We need greenways!

Public playground

Recycling Program

Restaurants; sidewalks!!

Have mountain music (bluegrass) and singing every Friday night at a location here in Swannanoa that would be family oriented

More sidewalks; clean up undesirable places

Sidewalks and crosswalks in business area on US 70 – pedestrian safety!

More relevant stores (drug store, hardware, etc.)

River park

Become a real town – incorporate

Too much development

Continue cleaning

More quality restaurants; bike trail linked to Asheville bike trail; pro-incorporation; miss Ace Hardware

More restaurants – need variety

Protect our mountain views

Do not overdevelop; keep out or to a minimum – big box stores or chain stores

A restaurant open on Sunday!

Things to do in downtown Swannanoa – park, eat, play

Bring back the old downtown! – shops, historic buildings

We need to incorporate so we will draw more businesses to Swannanoa Valley

More restaurants

Restaurant and music/dance hall

Have places to shop for clothing, etc.

Revitalized downtown


PLEASE mow and repair playground equipment on Dennis St. in Upper Beacon Village

More street signs and less junk cars!

Walkways and hiking trails on the river

Community garden in Upper Beacon Village!

Stop the growth of kudzu that’s killing our trees and chasing away our birds, bunnies, etc.

Bike and walking lane for Old 70

Incorporation; police protection; economic development; nice downtown

Baby carriage run

River park

Routine street dances

Quit raping our mountains!

Stop cutting trees

More trails and greenway

[Clean up] trash in river; dangerous walking on Old 70 and US 70 – big safety issue!; need more restaurants in Swannanoa



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