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County Commission Approves Greenways Master Plan

At its September 4 meeting, the Buncombe County Commission unanimously approved the county-wide Greenways and Trails Master Plan.  The Swannanoa segment connecting Asheville and Black Mountain is a priority project in the overall plan.

Greenways are open pathways safely connecting parks, schools and communities. Greenways and trails are designated for bicycling, walking and similar uses along corridors that connect natural areas, cultural attractions, neighborhoods, schools, community destinations and commercial areas.

As part of its approval, the County Commission made clear that eminent domain would not be used to acquire land for the greenway.  No private land will be crossed by the greenway without the willing participation of the landowner.

Although the County Commission’s September 4 action didn’t include any greenways funding, approval of the master plan allows the County to move forward with exploring grants and other alternative funding sources.

To see the Greenways and Trails Master Plan, or to make a tax deductible donation to the greenways project, please Click Here.

For more information, please contact Lucy Crown, Buncombe County Parks, Greeways and Recreation Services, at 250-4264.