FANS Welcomes New Board Member Katherine Cross

Katherine Cross, boad member of Swannanoa FANSKatherine decided to join in FANS‘ efforts when she learned of the organization’s mission to work for a strong and vibrant Swannanoa, her happily adopted home as of 2011. Katherine is particularly interested in environmental issues in the Swannanoa Valley, believing that, among other things, the development of connected greenways in the valley will enhance quality of life here. She also serves on the board of the Friends of Connect Buncombe, whose purpose is to “make greenways happen” across the county. Katherine is a retired attorney, who now has a mediation practice, and intends to use the skills developed in those professions to advocate and negotiate for greenways as well as good stewardship of our Swannanoa River and of our environment in general. Katherine moved here largely because of the area’s ideal environment for enjoying biking, kayaking, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits, and feels responsible for being a part of preserving our beautiful natural assets.