History of Swannanoa Schools

Did You Know?

If you grew up in Swannanoa prior to the mid-1950s, you likely wouldBuncombe Community School East on Old US 70, Formerly Swannanoa High School have attended Swannanoa High School, which was originally located on Old US 70 in the red brick building that now houses the Buncombe Community School East (see photo).  Many Swannanoans graduated from the hallowed halls of Swannanoa High, and rooted for our home team, the Warriors. 
In 1955, the separate high schools in Swannanoa and Black Mountain were merged.  The new Charles D. Owen High School opened its doors to its first group of students in the building that is now Owen Middle School.  The school was named for the founder of Beacon Blanket Manufacturing Company, in recognition of his many contributions to the community.  The school remained at that location until 1991, when Owen High moved to its current building, and the old high school became the middle school. 
And where did the name of the school’s team, the Warhorses, come from?  Well, when the Swannanoa and Black Mountain high schools merged, they also merged their team names.  And that’s how the Swannanoa High School Warriors and the Black Mountain High School Darkhorses became the Owen High School Warhorses.  According to Wikipedia, Owen High is the only school in the United States that has a warhorse as its mascot. 
 Go Warhorses and Warlassies!

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