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It’s Harvest Time at the Swannanoa Community Garden

Plots Available Now for Fall Gardens

Early August is traditionally the celebration of the First Harvest. And in the Swannanoa Community Garden there has been much to harvest this August — and more to look forward to in the harvests to come.

As expected, there have been squash, peppers, beans, corn, and at last, tomatoes. There are pumpkins and melons and greens waiting. And then there is the usual seasonal bumper crop of weeds. But the tallest and most dramatic thing rising up in the garden has been the new garden shed that’s taken shape there. Thanks to our landlord Bill Alexander, some of our gardeners, and donations from members of our valley community, materials were gathered together.  After just a few days’ work, the new shed is complete!

Community Garden

Many thanks to the community members and student volunteers from Warren Wilson College who came out to work in the garden on Friday, August 19.  The new shed was painted and primed, garden paths and common areas were cleared of weeds, fresh mulch was applied to the back pathways, our donated tomato plants were carefully tended, and compost and brushpile areas were constructed using materials from the old makeshift shed.  The hardworking volunteers accomplished much more than expected in just a few short hours!

Come on out to 105 Lanier Lane (in the Grovemont neighborhood) to see the newly-beautified garden.  Better still, contact our Garden Manager, Sandy Drake, about renting your own plot for autumn gardening.  Late summer is the perfect time to plant cool season vegetables like lettuce, kale, collards, broccoli and cauliflower, just to name a few.  For a nominal fee to help cover expenses, you can soon be harvesting delicious fresh vegetables.  Call Sandy at 318-5685 or send her an email for more info.The Swannanoa Community Garden is sponsored by Friends and Neighbors of Swannanoa (FANS).

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