Swannanoa Habitat for Humanity

Meet the Gillespie Family

The Gillespie Family“We’re coming home.” These words were spoken by Lesley Gillespie when talking with Habitat staff about the Swannanoa location of their soon-to-be-built home. Longtime residents of the Swannanoa Valley, the Gillespies have been living with family in Candler for the past year. Applying to Habitat, they were hopeful about purchasing their own home. “We knew Habitat was probably our only shot to buy a home,” Lesley continued, “We were just so excited by the possibility. Then, we learned the house might be in Swannanoa. We just couldn’t believe it.”

The Gillespie’s 3-bedroom/1.5-bath home is the Sweet Home Swannanoa house, made possible by generous donations from folks who know and love Swannanoa. Read the article “The Swannanoa Valley Rallies To Build Habitat Home” to find out how you can help with this community project.