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Swannanoa 4-H Camp is Closing Its Doors

The Swannanoa 4-H camp, which has served the community so ably since the 1920s, is slated to be closed. According to a recent Associated Press article, four of the state’s six 4-H camps will be shuttered due to North Carolina’s budget problems.

The Swannanoa camp is the state’s oldest 4-H camp. In addition to offering summer camp opportunities for children at reasonable rates, the camp serves as a conference and retreat center. The facility is located near the Grovemont community.

The following is an October 18 post from the camp’s director on their Facebook page: I am sad to report that Swannanoa 4-H camp will be closing effective Nov. 1. I thank you all for some amazing summers!!

If you’d like more information about the closure of the 4-H camp, please contact Marshall Stewart at the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service in Raleigh at 919-515-1681 or