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The Spirit of Giving Abounds in Swannanoa

Those of us who live here know that Swannanoa is filled with kind and caring folks, but now the word is spreading.  Last week, the local news media covered the story of a mysterious gentleman who placed a $100 bill in the hands of a young woman shopping at the Swannanoa Ingles with her husband and baby.  The man disappeared before the woman had a chance to thank him, but his generosity made a huge difference to this young family at a time of financial hardship.

We don’t all have one hundred dollars to give to a stranger, but most us have something — whether it’s time, talent or treasure — that we can contribute to those less fortunate. Let’s hope that this one man’s random act of kindness will inspire all of us to find a way, great or small, to give back to our community and help our neighbors in need.

Here are some of the organizations that provide community assistance in Swannanoa.  Can you help?