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Warren Wilson College Receives Major Grant and Gift

Lovers of the arts and the great outdoors have something to celebrate, thanks to recent announcements by Warren Wilson College. The college has been named as the recipient of a $108,000 grant from the Charles H. Kaman Charitable Foundation to support renovations to the campus’ Kittredge Community Arts Center. The Arts Center, built in the mid-1970s, houses a recital hall, music practice rooms, and a music resource center. The grant money will be used to renovate the recital hall and enhance its use as a community performance venue for music and arts.

In addition, the College has received a $400,000 gift to help preserve the Warren Wilson College Forest in perpetuity. The gift is being used to establish the Irene Pennington Broyles and Glenn Boone Broyles Fellowship, which will support the College’s efforts to teach and conduct research in sustainable forestry, and to develop innovative techniques for managing and preserving the College Forest. The Warren Wilson College campus comprises 1,130 acres, of which 625 are managed forest.

Swannanoa residents are fortunate to have such a great forest resource in our community. The generous gift from the Broyles Fellowship will help sustain the natural beauty of Warren Wilson College for many generations to come.